Service as a guideline

In 2013 AHP moved into a new and more spacious workshop at Sint-Eloois-Winkel. Thanks to this move, we can not only invest in a large stock, but our capacity also considerably increased (both in amount and in size of projects). 

 Thanks to our spacious workshop, we can easily take in large machines and carry out the repairs and adaptations in our premises. This guarantees a smooth sequence of the works and saves a lot of time.

An experienced team of experts

AHP offers a vast range of services. Each staff member has its specific task and has obtained a thorough training (internal or external). As a result, you can count on our expertise and craftsmanship at all times.

Repairs of pumps and engines are executed by a team of members who complement one another at the assembly of the components and the testing of the results.

The development and assembly of hydraulic systems is ensured by a team specialists in 3D-drawing software (Solidworks and Auto CAD light).

Danfoss Plus +1

AHP Hydraulics has a license on the Danfoss Plus+1® controller system.

For small automations, this system allows us to offer a solution in a flexible way.

For big projects, we work together with Vintecc, they take care of the programming of the embedded controllers.