Sugar Beet Harvester

This sugar beet harvester has a unique design.

The RB80 is constructed on a 15 metres long wheelbase and driven by a 780hp CAT C18 engine and offers a gross loading capacity of 80m³. Seven out of the eleven hydraulic pumps deliver power for all harvest functions, while four hydraulic pumps provide torque for the five hydrostatic engines.

To be able to ensure optimal harvest performances, the speeds and positions of almost all individual harvest functions can be adjusted.  

Project Owner: JPS Construction in Naves, Valenciennes.





Beton lazer screed machine

This machine is designed to eliminate the excess concrete upon concrete casting and to level in X and Y directions with a laser measurement system. This machine stands out through the high accuracy of the servo valves which allow working faster and even more accurately. This machine too is equipped with custom software.